A Mom’s Quiet Moment


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mommy-breakAs a mom, my hands are always full. My busy days are filled with activities all mainly focused on my kids. The few times that I can have a quiet moment to myself are counted. There’s always a knock on my door with a little voice yelling, “Mom!” Needless to say, I’ve resigned to the fact that there aren’t too many quiet moments I can have for myself. There will always be a knock on my door or an interrupted moment when I have to drop everything and give my hundred percent attention to my kids.

It’s all pretty much part of being a mom. The riot moments, the noise, the screams, the funny conversations; they’re all part of my life. I’d be very lucky to have a quiet moment to myself. But on one very rare occasion, I finally got a quick, quiet moment for myself. It wasn’t a planned moment nor was it a long, quiet moment I had always envisioned it to be. It was a rare and quick moment where I was watching my kids swim. I was standing from a distance, when reality really hit me hard.

From A Quiet Distance

It was one of those weekends when we decided to spend some time outdoors, enjoying the day swimming and relaxing under the sun. But of course for me, there is never a relaxing moment. As a mom, I’m always the one doing everything to make the moment a truly relaxing and fun time for my family. I’m not complaining or anything but it’s just the way it is. Making sure the food is ready and the kids are safe is all part my everyday tasks most especially when we are all out enjoying a day under the sun.

But on this particular day, I finally got that quiet moment. In that quiet moment, I was able to realize something. As I was watching my kids from a distance and as I was relishing a quiet moment to myself, I realized that my kids were growing up so fast. Watching them from a distance, play, swim, and have fun made me realize that it wouldn’t be long before they are all grown up. The mere fact that they are all playing on their own made me realize that they will slowly be on their own. It was then that I realized that the craziness of my everyday life is not forever.

All of a sudden, I felt lonely. I was finally able to sneak a quiet moment for myself and I felt lonely. The thought of having all the craziness go away got me feeling very lonely. I just can’t imagine living a quiet life. In spite of the fact that I was always seeking a quiet moment for myself, I just couldn’t see myself enjoying a life devoid of all the craziness of raising kids. The thought just scared me.

Seizing The Moment

Ever since I got that quick, quiet moment I realized that nothing lasts forever. My kids will soon grow up, leaving me all the quiet moments I will ever need. It was then when I realized that I should just cease every single moment with them. It was then when I realized that I should enjoy every single moment with them. After realizing how fast time flies, I knew that the quiet moments I had always dreamed about weren’t that important after all.

What was important was the time I spent with my kids. So I jumped into the pool with them and said good-bye to my quiet moments. No matter how much I want to have a quiet moment for myself, I would just have to give that up to spend some precious time with my kids. In a very rare and quiet moment for myself, I realized that I should take advantage of every precious moment with my kids. My quiet moments led me to embrace the craziness and noisiness of my life.

What To Consider In Compensating The Babysitter Or The Nanny


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sittercity-child-careWhen it comes to compensating the babysitter, you’d want to do it the right way. One thing for sure, you wouldn’t want to underpay or, even worse, overcompensate her. You would want to do it just right.

The standard hourly rates of babysitters are published on the Sittercity website. The rates are based on the number of children and the age of the babysitter. You will find the table on the Sittercity website very useful. It will give you a good idea as to what the standard rates are in the top cities. You can use it as a good starting point in trying to figure out the right compensation for your babysitter.

But there are other things to consider in compensating your babysitter or nanny. Below are the factors you need to look into before finalizing how much you should actually compensate your babysitter or nanny.

There’s A Difference Between A Babysitter And A Nanny

You would have to be specific as to what kind of childcare service you prefer because there is a difference between a babysitter and a nanny, according to family website iParentingLife. A babysitter would seem to have a higher compensation when it comes to hourly pay. But you would also have to consider that nannies are paid on a weekly or monthly basis. These are just one of the few things you need to consider in hiring either a babysitter or a nanny. But for starters, you really need to be specific as what kind of childcare service you are looking for.

Consider The Number Of Kids

The standard hourly rates posted on Sittercity are based on two kids. So if you have more than two kids for the babysitter or nanny to watch over, you definitely have to compensate her more.

Older And Experienced Babysitters And Nannies Are Compensated More

As you go over the resumes and profiles of the babysitters on Sittercity, you will find that there are some that are older and more experienced. If you do decide to hire someone that’s older and more experienced, you need to compensate her more.

Consider The Responsibilities Of The Job

Another thing you need to consider is the scope of the responsibilities More responsibilities on the job require more compensation. So in case you require the babysitter or nanny to cook and wash the dishes, she would definitely have to be compensated more.

More Compensation For A Job Well Done

Finding a babysitter or a nanny is a hard task; more so finding one that you can actually trust. If you do find someone that you can trust, don’t hesitate to compensate more. Remember no amount of money can really make up for peace of mind. Appreciate a job well done with a higher compensation. By the way, do make sure to use a promo code discount on Sittercity membership in case you decide to use this great service.

Holiday Pay

If you do decide to hire a babysitter or a nanny during the holidays, it would definitely require a higher compensation. Holiday pay is always higher than the regular working days.

Travel Time

You would also need to consider the travel time of the babysitter or nanny. It she is coming from an area that’s quite a distance from yours, then you would have to compensate her for the travel time.

But with Sittercity, you wouldn’t have to look for someone from another area. The good thing about hiring a sitter from Sittercity is that you can actually find someone that’s living within your area.

These are the major considerations you would need to look into in compensating your babysitter or nanny. Remember it’s not easy finding the perfect person for the job. So if you do find her, it just makes perfect sense to compensate her well.

This Mom Is Looking Forward To Summer


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kids-summer-plansIt’s almost summer and I’m really looking forward to it. I can finally catch up on my sleep and enjoy each day with my kids. We will savor the first few weeks of summer vacation by sleeping in and lazing around the house. But eventually I will need to think of some kind of summer activity for them. I can’t just keep them at home for the whole summer. So as early as now, I’m thinking of what kind of summer activity I can enroll my kids in.

I’m getting a lot of great ideas from this article Parenting.com. Taking my kids to the museum sounds like a good idea. It’s just one fun activity I can do with my kids. But I really need to enroll them in a good summer program so they won’t get bored at home. Here are a couple of interesting summer activities I’m considering for my kids.

Music Lessons

Summer is always a good time to learn something new. I can enroll my kids in music lessons. Maybe they want to learn how to play the piano, guitar, flute, or any kind of musical instrument; it’s their choice. Summer time is just about the best time to get into learning a particular kind of musical instrument.


Enrolling my kids in a sports program is a good idea as well. I can have them choose whatever sport they want to get into. Getting them out in the sun will do them good.

Arts And Crafts

There are a lot of arts and craft programs for kids. Enrolling them in an arts and craft summer program is also a good idea. They will be able to explore their own creativity. I wouldn’t mind having priceless art pieces from my kids.

Cooking Classes

Cooking class is one good option as well. Whether they choose a cooking or a baking class, they’ll definitely benefit from this kind of summer program. If they do choose this particular summer program, I will be very excited to get a taste of their food products.

Programming Lessons

This may sound a little too serious, but I’m also thinking of computer programming lessons for my kids. I have heard a lot about computer programming for kids. Apparently, it isn’t just for a select few. Anyone can learn it and there are a lot of benefits in learning how to program a computer. According to this article on LifeHacker.com, computer programming can develop kids to become problem solvers, creative thinkers, and effective communicators. That definitely sounds good to me.

Considering there are computer programming classes for kids, it’s worth enrolling my kids in one. After all, they spend a lot of time playing on computers and on their devices. At some point, they should appreciate and understand how computers work. Although I know this sounds way too advanced for my kids and for myself as well, enrolling them in a computer programming class is one interesting option for the summer. Let’s face it, it does have some great benefits. I just really need to make sure my kids are interested in it.

Aside from enrolling my kids in a summer program, there are a lot of fun and exciting activities we can do together. Although I’m looking forward to getting some rest, I don’t mind spending time with my kids doing some fun activities, It’s a good break from all the homework from school. I also don’t mind taking my kids to their choice of summer program. Whatever they choose to learn for the summer, I’m all for it. I’m really looking forward to the summer.